Asukohta ei leitud




Uuendatud: 20.01.2021, 18:23

Attention! The road conditions will be complicated tomorrow!
Jan 20 in the evening a heavy snowfall reaches the islands and spreads to the mainland. Wind gusts reach in inland to 12 m/s, on the coast 15-18 m/s. There is a snowdrift, that severely limits visibility.
Jan 21 at night the snow and snowdrift spreads all over the land. After midnight, on islands the snow will replaced with sleet and rain. Short time there may also be freezing rain. On the roads glazed ice.
Before noon the snow will replaced with sleet and rain in western part of continent, in afternoon in central and southern part. In evening the snow will replaced with sleet also in northeastern part.
During night and day the amount of added snow reaches 5-10, in some places up to 15 cm.
Possibility of short-term freezing rain everywhere on the continent. High risk of glazed ice!